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Mizerable (translate) Paroles


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Paroles de Mizerable (translate)

I pretend not to notice
And stared far out the small window
The angel's voice spreading in the sky was embraced by the wind

The commotion reflected in your eyes can't hear anything
Only now i murmured 'it was a trick from when I was naive'
Into the sky

Turn, turn...inside the time that left me behind I am
Now les mizerable
You, who i loved too much are on the other side of the wall
Softly smiling

Only this feeling that cannot be fulfilled...it's filled into sighs

While i blasted by the cold wind
I relieved my memories in the returningnight
The melody i softly sing to myself
Is carved away by the time until it venished
I can't forget the sadness that i cannot return to
Even now, my body that control faint the flickeringemotions
Seems to break down

Where can I go to make my loneliness vanish
'I always have tomorrow...'

Only this feeling that cannot be fulfilled
It's filled into sighs