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Mirror (translated) Paroles


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Paroles de Mirror (translated)

You're never around during the crucial times
I'm not sure if I know what's important to you
Someone's sick at you

You only chase after novelties
'Where did those good old days go!'
You have no right to lament things like that

Reflected in your eyes, my face doesn't return anything
From the beginning you must have known

Rush down underneath these heavens
By yourself...
I wonder if your arms can catch my fostered body

'i'll save the things I believe in' you say
The angels are good at excuses with their nonsense, but good's also good in lying

Reflected in my eyes, your tears are all phony
In the end I know you must be smiling...

Embrace each other underneath these heavens
The two of us
Your voice shouts, like it's reaching out tomy broken heart...
And then
Hold me tighter Fall in love underneath these heavens
Just a little bit...
Because your voice lit a fire in my shyness

Beacause of these great emotions don't reach out courageously...
Your finger will strike the last blow to my shattered heart