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Marmalade [English] Paroles


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Paroles de Marmalade [English]

The first Sunday after I came to this town
Even though there was no reason why, my heart was racing and I opened the window (1)
Far away, I could see a dazzling rainbow arch
Almost like it was beckoning me

A cute bicycle and this gentle afternoon
On the hilly road, my heart beat faster and faster
When I saw you standing in the shade of a tree (2)
I felt a new breeze

My hunch about a miraculous meeting... suddenly
Even now, my pounding heart feels like it's going to fly off

The words for this feeling,
Can't be found out... can't be discovered
I can't say anything but
Now I want to... gaze at you like this

On the way back alone
I always looked up

Every day's been colorful... since that day
I want my overflowing feelings to reach you

I wonder if we can meet again...
I want to see you once more, I look for you I can't convey them... I can't completely convey them
No matter how much I search, you
Can't be found out... can't be discovered

Even though I went back alone
I was a little bit happy