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Leeca (translated) Paroles


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Paroles de Leeca (translated)

In the rays of sunlight, you were smiling
The puppy sleeping on your knee also looked peaceful

A little book was spread in the palm of your hand
And you softly traced the words with a pretty finger
I thought that with that smile, anything could be saved

Underneath the limited sky, it vanished
The memory of you at that time
Inside of the dream i made, I saw it
That sky was, already

In the trasparent wind, through invain, I held you close
Even now I can't let go of you
As you look back of me

Underneath the limited sky
I repeat softly whispered words
Inside of my closed off heart
Even now, you're smiling as you were at that time

With the voices of children echoing in the twilight
Your smile slowly vanishes away