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Dooms Day [English] Paroles


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Paroles de Dooms Day [English]

The beautiful moon smiles,
laughing in the quiet night.
Once more, I whisper
your name.

The cold wind is dancing
on the scattered glass.
I wait for you to return
before falling asleep

My shouting voice echoes
I embrace your unforgivable sins.

I saw your dream,
the dream you can't awake from
while leaning against the windowsill
softly embraced by the moon.

Your shouting voice is interrupted
y unforgivable sins go on...
Your heart, your arms, your voice... everything!
I hold you, who I love too much, until we love each other, until we go crazy
over and over I destroyed.

Does it reach you now?
His kind voice... while I cry over our unforgivable sins.
Fleeting dreams, sad dreams, painful dreams announce the end.
Into kind dreams, into lovely dreams, like that day, like that time.