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Death Wish [English] Paroles


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Paroles de Death Wish [English]

I softly grabbed the trembling body
And peered at the face of the angel sleeping next to me
Inside of stillness and silence that I have never before seen
I had a nightmare of light that burned my eyes

Tomorrow in the night sky
Will I be able to see the stars that seem to be scattered now...

I entangled my fingers into your hair which flutters in the wind
I embraced you and we exchanged kisses
You back then were the same as me right now...
You gazed at the cold wind all alone

Right now we can understand each other
Even the reason why your tears flowed back then

Even your scent which I had forgotten
I remember it, and count the overflowing tears
As I softly sing "your song" to myself
Just like that day, I sketch in the night sky with my finger

I carry it... to where you are
Very soon... see...
We can meet

Even your scent which I had forgotten Even the door to the death wish that I see close by
I can feel the mild warmth
As I softly sing your name to myself
Just like that day, I'll always give you my love

I carry it... my everything
Surely, once again... see...
We can meet