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Ash (translation) Paroles


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Paroles de Ash (translation)

The voices laughing togetherDrifting in the windThe

glittering setting sun is a promise for tomorrowI

found youBy the light of the moonThe fading dream of
a time that's lost its lustreEven the peace

which will never be again,Is ruined again and againThe hatred welling up within burns out this sky...The murmurs of the forest are a gently singing voice.A

dream that brings just a tiny bit of happiness.Even

through this freezing pain, i learned about kindnessIf i

could make it all go away, i'd have no use for this

heartAshIf this body merely burning out of

control for you is enough,I'd give it all to you,So that i never forget this sadness,I traced the lines

of my tears over and over again with a knife.In the

warped air of the dawn,You were there, by my side.