The Return (Hymn Ii) Paroles

Alan Stivell

Paroles The Return (Hymn Ii)

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Paroles de The Return (Hymn Ii) Let's
Return, return to Arthur's home
Anaou'ran emañ war'n hent
I know that he will come
N'eo ket torret ken Eskalibor
Our life's symbol is broken no more
The Celts, we are back now from Avalon
We don't want to kill any Saxon
We don't want to rule the world
We must recover the sword
Recognition, that is just what we all want
Bout doujet evel ar re all ni 'n eus c'hoant
Distroet eo ar Gelted deus Avallac'h
Unanet an diw Vreizh
United the two blades
Unanet an douar arvor
United for ever
Unanet da viken
United again
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