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Gone But Not Forgotten Paroles

4ft Fingers

Album A Cause For Concern

Paroles de Gone But Not Forgotten

I'm thinking of you
You're never far from my thoughts
I can't tell you but I hope you know
I've been searching inside of myself
For a reason why you're not here
Where are you now?
Can you still see me?
Through the darkened sky of tragedy
Like a rocket to the moon
You left this planet far too soon

Well what can I say
The words just slip and fall away
Into something I can't see
It's hard to know what to think
When I don't know if this is even real.
You're not here, you're not there
But you are everywhere
I love you, this much I know is true
But you've gone now, it's so unfair

Your brother's eyes will be yours
Your sister's smile will be yours
My dreams will be ours to share
'Cause now I feel your soul is everywhere
Inside the ones you love and inside of me